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Service is something that distinguishes a good barber from an exceptional one. This post really speaks to how sincerity and a little extra service can go a long way. Follow The Rebel Rouser, an Exceptional Barber and Person

The Rebel Rouser

Earlier this evening as I was checking out my last client, I saw a gentleman walk past the shop and straight towards the salon next door. As my client walks out, he walks up to the door and asks, “are you guys still opened?” I tell him that, ‘I’m still in the shop, so why not.’

He walks in wondering what sort of decision he made by going into the barber shop as opposed to the salon next door (which was already closed.)

I tell him the differences between a barber and a cosmetologist, and break down that it’s like a metal worker versus a wood worker. Both use similar techniques to manipulate the pieces they are working on, but do so in a trade-specific manner. He starts to “get” what I’m getting at, and I further hip him to what I feel going to a barber shop provides for…

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How to Generate AMAZING! Profits for Your Barbershop

Hello All,

Thank you to everyone who read my previous post and reached out to me via email! I am excited to announce that my eBook: How to Generate AMAZING! Profits for Your Barbershop is now available on Amazon!

This eBook provides everything a modern barber needs to know about mobile applications and how to upgrade their mobile marketing strategy to bring in more customers and excite their existing ones. In chapters like “If Time Is Money, Organization is Credit,” and “How to Outsource Your Marketing to Your Customers,” readers will learn how to generate more profits and waste less time each day. After all, this is what attracts us about technology in the first place! The goal of How to Generate AMAZING! Profits for Your Barbershop is to help grow your barbershop businesses into a Barbershop Business Systems.

With examples from companies such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Facebook, I explore consumer psychology in a simple way that translates directly into the mind of your typical barbershop customer. This book was designed for barbers to be able to read it in one day, quickly and engagingly. I am excited for the feedback that I am already receiving on How to Generate AMAZING! Profits for Your Barbershop and how these simple principles are being seamlessly applied in barbershops everywhere.

I won’t give too much more away, though know that within the pages of How to Generate AMAZING! Profits for Your Barbershop, you will learn how more barbers are using push notifications, loyalty programs, and QR Codes to attract new customers and better satisfy existing ones. It can be difficult sometimes to turn that first time walk-in into a loyal client. This book will show you how, and so much more. Pick up your copy of How to Generate AMAZING! Profits for Your Barbershop  and join the discussion on barbershop mobile apps.

In my next post I will expound on one marketing method that is attracting a lot of attention from barbers looking to use their Instagram to generate more revenue, so stay tuned. Comments are welcome and remember to join my mailing list!


Best regards,

Abraham J. Williamson

Abe Strategies

Introduction to Barbershop Apps

Welcome to Barbershop Apps,

My name is Abraham J. Williamson. I develop mobile apps to help barbershops generate more revenue and improve their customer satisfaction. Abe Strategies, my company, builds mobile apps available for iphone, Android, Windows, and any other mobile platform (including tablets!). I began this blog to better serve barbers in the integrating their apps into their current mobile marketing strategy.

If your barbershop is looking to better connect with current customers while also seeking out new ones, this blog is for you. Whether your barbershop already has an app or is still trying to figure out if mobile apps are worth the investment, this blog was created with you in mind, to improve your bottom line and teach you how to use your current clients to market your unique barbering skills for you.

Mobile marketing can be tough for barbers. I hear it all the time. In today’s shop, every customer counts, and this blog will show you how to make the best use of your time and your monetary resources. This blog isn’t about how to cut hair better than your competition, you already know how to do that. Though, if you are having trouble consistently keeping clients in your chairs or are interested in building a stronger business model, I am here to serve you. With dozens of barbers in your community any edge puts you one step closer to financial freedom. That is the goal of this blog; to teach you how to turn your barbershop service business into a barbershop business system.

How do mobile apps help you better connect with your customers? It’s simple. Your customers already spend most of the hours in their day using their mobile phone. In fact, mobile phone usage will outpace television watching in 2015. If you aren’t present on your client’s phones, pretty soon you will be invisible.

Think about it. When you log-on to Facebook, do you go to http://www.facebook.com or do you launch the Facebook Mobile App? When you log-on to check your bank account, do you go to http://www.yourbank.com for online banking or do you launch your bank’s mobile app? When you are on the go, you do not go to http://www.starbucks.com, chances are you have downloaded the Starbucks app which makes that venti frappuccino all the more delicious. Mobile apps make the business experience more pleasant, plain and simple.

Your customers are always on the go. For the most part, even when they are sitting at home they are still using their mobile phone. Your clients probably won’t launch your barbershop app everyday (but they might!), but they will be more inclined to launch your app when they are thinking about getting a haircut. This, we can work with. I’ll explain in future posts just how easy it is for you to further engage your customer’s usage of your mobile app. This is just the first post, stay tuned for future insights into mobile app marketing for barbershops.

Remember, the goal of this blog is to improve your bottom line and increase customer satisfaction.

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to email me at abestrategies@gmail.com.

Comments are welcome! Follow our page.


Abraham J. Williamson


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